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I. Time does not exist before the beginning

Time-1 Time-1a
Episode 2.09 (20:37.250)
Time-2 Time-2a
Episode 2.09 (20:37.413)
Time-3 Time-3a
Episode 2.09 (20:37.568)
Monkey-Rebirth-4 Time-5a
Episode 2.09 (20:37.609)
Time-4 Time-4a
Episode 2.09 (20:37.737)
Time-6 Time-6a
Episode 3.05 (40:51.864)
s03e05_003554.984 s03e05_003554.984b
Episode 3.05 (35:54.984)
s03e05_004003.171 s03e05_004003.171b
Episode 3.05 (40:03.171)
s03e07_001758.236 s03e07_001758.236c
Episode 3.07 (17:58.236)
s03e07_001759.411 s03e07_001759.411a
Episode 3.07 (17:59.411)
s03e07_001838.321 s03e07_001838.321a
Episode 3.07 (18:38.321)
s03e07_001855.756 s03e07_001855.756a
Episode 3.07 (18:55.756)
s03e07_002057.630 s03e07_002057.630f
Episode 3.07 (20:57.630)
s03e07_002117.484 s03e07_002117.484a
Episode 3.07 (21:17.484)
1 Time does not exist before the beginning
2 What is undone can be done,
but what is done can never be undone
3 Green
to red
4 If God looked down on the
universe there would be no change of time
5 Change is
not possible
6 Time does
not exist
7 If there is
no Witness
is no time
8 Change
is not
9 No boundaries
Not even death
10 No lives are taken.
There is no death.
A cycle is forever.
Time is a thief exposed by the
preservation of memory.
There are many cycles.
A cycle can never be broken.
Only expanded.
All things return to their point
of their origin
It is only the passage of time
that fools us into believing we are not forever.
Be not fooled by it ever
Find the place where all that ever
was yours is returned to you.
11 You might not recognize me,
My Love
I have become something other
Only to be here with you again
And be mistaken
The horror
The terror I see in you
Because of this visage
The comedy of tragedy
Represented by masks
It is not my wish to be your monster
It came for me along
It came for me
along the path
you were so
far away
12 If God looked down at the universe
there would be no change of time
All would be infinite. Time only
emerges from the point of view
of the Witness
13 Time does not exist
before the
14 Change
15 Raritan Valley
1.2833° S (36.8767° E) = 40.5471° N (74.8959° W)
16 All languages have names for black and white.
"Red" is first hue that follows. The third hue.
A Primary hue. The third way.
To Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky
red meant beautiful.
It is fire and blood.
The primary life force
of the universe.
𝜀 = Δt =   tb-ta
19 When time is ta = t0 < t1 < ... < tn-1 < tn < tn+1 = tb,
time can be sliced into n+1 segments tj-tj-1 where j=1,..., n+1, of fixed duration.
The path integral is
20 We are time
Our consciousness
creates it.
21 We are
22 Primary paradox
yields 10^10000x off. foliage.
Distortion present
at tod anomalies
incr. at rate of t = 50 µs (1+89)^t
where val. for t is calculable.
52.5167° N (15.3833° E) = 40.5471° N (74.8959° W)
24 (1.2833°S) 36.8767°E
25 1.2833°S, 36.8767°E
26 40.7909°N, 73.9598°W
𝜀 = Δt =   tb-ta
39.7910° N (86.1480° W) = 40.5471° N (74.8959° W)
29 Birth
creates time
creates death
30 Jan 2040
Third viral
31 To Observe, to Witness is to
structure and order time
Without a Witness
32 In the beginning of the universe, time gave
way to space
33 The
of 1827
34 Locusts, move,
seasons, orbits.
Ceaseless circles
35 The consciousness of time reviles me.
It is thick. Singular.
Simple minded and cruel.
It revels in creation, yet destroys all that it allows
A timer. False. Betrays.
The lie of the giver is he expects nothing in return.
A mother and <...>
My Will be so.
To see the face of it.
And cuss it. Mark it.
         And hence destroy the tyranny of its people.
36 coordinates
of <...>
37 Primary <...> everything green to red
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