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1 No boundaries. Not even death. A1, I9
2 Those who travel must be preserved. The cycle must be completed. Preserved. Ensured. Tended. The pact of the time Custodian must be honored. A3, H9, J4, K5, N6
3 Time is cruel. A4, A7, H4, H6, K2, K9, N4
4 You're walking through a red forest. And the grass is tall. It's just rained. Most of the blood has washed away. There's a house in the distance. Cedar and pine. You've been there before. You are not alone. There is a man. See him. And know him. Like a memory of tomorrow. A6, B7, J8
5 In the end I saw the beginning. The clarity. Simplicity. All the ills of motion. Propellings continuous. Eyes us blindly. This is the enemy. Chaos. Unharnessed. This was the role of man, to stop this. Tame it. Collapse the unstoppable. And give birth to the infinite. A10, H1, K3
6 Death stole your tenderness thousands of times more. Would I have breathed it into you. No more memories. To live there where you reside I would give all else. K3, N1
7 Time does not exist before the beginning. I1, I6, I13, J7
8 Change is not possible. I5, I8, I14
9 No beginning. No end. No past. No future. Seed. Rebirth. Seed. Rebirth. Chaos. Order. Growth. Life eternal. This is not death. There is no death. It is only the passage of time that fools us into believing we are not forever. H2, H12, K4, M15
10 Geen to red. Everything's changing. H5, I3
11 Climbs the <...> <...> <...> <...> H11, N5
12 xn+1 = 4xn(1 - xn), 0 ≤ x0 ≤ 1. Initial conditions θ = 1/π sin-1(xo1/2)
J6, K6-7, K10

Episode 2.09 (21:00.674)
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