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G. Locusts

Locust-1 Locust-1a
Episode 2.09 (20:37.818)
Jennifer-5 Locust-2a
Episode 2.05 (29:13.758)
Jennifer-6 Locust-3a
Episode 2.05 (29:13.792)
Jennifer-3 Locust-4a
Episode 2.05 (29:33.728)
life-4 locust-7a
Episode 2.10 (34:11.591)
life-3 locust-8a
Episode 2.10 (34:11.881)
s03e05_003554.727 s03e05_003554.727a
Episode 3.05 (35:54.727)
s03e05_003554.859 s03e05_003554.859a
Episode 3.05 (35:54.859)
s03e05_003555.317 s03e05_003555.317a
Episode 3.05 (35:55.317)
s03e05_003628.267 s03e05_003628.267c
Episode 3.05 (36:28.267)
s03e07_001758.236 s03e07_001758.236e
Episode 3.07 (17:58.236)
s03e07_002055.420 s03e07_002055.420d
Episode 3.07 (20:55.420)
s03e07_002057.630 s03e07_002057.630b
Episode 3.07 (20:57.630)
s03e07_002118.735 s03e07_002118.735a
Episode 3.07 (21:18.735)
s03e07_002119.402 s03e07_002119.402a
Episode 3.07 (21:19.402)
s03e07_002259.703 s03e07_002259.703b
Episode 3.07 (22:59.703)
s03e07_002117.318 s03e07_002117.318a
Episode 3.07 (21:17.318)
s03e07_002117.747 s03e07_002117.747a
Episode 3.07 (21:17.747)
s03e07_002118.277 s03e07_002118.277a
Episode 3.07 (21:18.277)
Episode 3.05 (35:55.068)
1 Locusts, move,
seasons, orbits.
2 When time is ta = t0 < t1 < tn-1 < tn < tn+1 = tb.
Time can be sliced into segments (n+1) tj - tj-1,
where j = 1,...n+1, of fixed duration
4 You might not
recognize me,
My love. My Love
I have become something other
Only to be here with you again
And be mistaken
The horror. The terror I see in you
Because of this visage
The comedy of tragedy
Represented by masks
It is not my wish to be
your monster
It came for me along the path
Because you were so far away
5 Time is
6 We are
time. Our
creates it.
7 Birth
creates time
creates death.
9 You're walking through
a red forest. And the grass
is tall. It's just rained.
Most of the blood has
washed away.
There's a house in the distance.
Cedar and pine.
You've been there before.
You are not alone.
There is a man.
See him.
And know him.
Like a memory
of tomorrow.
10 The path integral is
11 Time
12 1969-72
Vietnam Camp Eagle
"The Immortal"
Greenwich Village
Victoria Mason
              TOD July 2, 1975
40.7410°N (76.1710°W) = 40.5471°N (74.8959°W)
14 All languages have names for black
and white. "Red" is the first hue
that follows. The third hue. A primary
hue. The third way. To Tolstoy and
Dostoyevsky red meant beautiful.
It is fire and blood.
The primal life force of
the universe.
15     A plague to wipe away
causality and rationality.
                A paradox to still the minds of the primaries.
16 Consciousness
must return
to the
17 Locusts, move, seasons, orbits.
Ceaseless circles.
18 Time is cruel
19 Time is cruel
20 <...>
21 Birth
time creates
Birth creates
time creates
22 If there is
no Witness
there is
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